2i Pictures LLC is a media and entertainment company that challenges the mainstream by producing and distributing independent, top quality films to the global audience. Through its strong relationships in Hollywood and access to top caliber talent, 2i is able to create a broad slate of in-house developed titles, co-productions and acquisitions. Founded in 2009 by three innovative partners, 2i Pictures is positioned to establish itself as a leading creator and distributor of film.


Eric Gray
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Producer
A self-proclaimed "serial entrepreneur" with over 20 years of experience, Eric has developed and nurtured a collective of contacts within the entertainment, finance and management industries which has been instrumental in creating 2i's strategic alliances with studios. Native of Philadelphia, Eric was drawn to the intersection of business and creative at a very early age. His entrepreneur pursuits encompass a breadth of industries including diamond wholesaler, real estate, art and film.

Brian Penick
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Producer
As the business leader for 2i, Brian is armed with over 25 years of executive management experience that he brings to the day-to-day oversight of the company. With extensive background in the government and business sectors and holding degrees in computer science and accounting, Brian also currently serves a dual role as 2i's Chief Financial Officer.